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CaseTrust for Education

What is CaseTrust for Education?

CaseTrust for Education is part of the essential tier under Education Excellence Framework.

A PEO (Private Education Organisation) that achieves CaseTrust for Education is certified as an organisation that possesses the foundation for good quality student welfare practices and standards. The PEO will have the following mechanisms in place:

Clear Fee Policies:

- Clearly articulated and documented policies on course fees and fee refund. These must be fully disclosed to the students and adhered to according to the terms and conditions of the contract between the PEO and the student.

Well-Defined Student Redress Practices and Systems:

- A Student Protection Scheme to protect the student's tuition fees in the event the PEO being unable to continue operations for adverse situations such as insolvency and regulatory closure of the PEO.

Disclosure of the PEO's Commitment to Quality

- A self-declaration by the Chief Executive Officer of the PEO clearly spelling out quality criteria such as the school's student-teacher ratio, the course fees, refund and redress policies, the size and number of the classrooms in the PEO, the number of full-time teachers/lecturers and other relevant information that will be of interest to all its students. This information will be made easily available for all. (PEO's website).

Well-Trained Personnel

- PEOs must ensure that it has strong academic and administrative staff who are capable of delivering quality educational programmes as well as providing excellent student services.

* Upon acceptance into FIG, student will enter into a CaseTrust approved Student Contract.


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